About us

What We Do

We bring investors, brokers and companies together - providing a wide range of investors with easy access to business equity investment opportunities.

Investors gain access to quality early stage and high end investing opportunities through brokers or directly with companies looking to raise capital and grow their business - in a low cost, more efficient way.

Through the power of Crowdfunding, communities can now provide funding to startups and more established companies, disrupting traditional methods of capital raising and enabling individuals to own equity shares in the next big thing.

By leveraging technology, our platform simplifies and streamlines the investment process, offering a wider range of opportunities to a larger investor audience, helping more businesses and investments to grow.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the market leading alternative online equity crowdfunding and investing platform in Australia.

By building an engaged and active global investor community looking to invest in dynamic Australian businesses, we aim to provide these businesses with access to capital to innovate and grow.

We will provide a secure and regulated end to end platform to streamline and facilitate the capital fundraising process.

Our Mission

Sharequity’s mission is to empower investors to make early stage investments in exciting Australian start-ups and companies already well on their way to achieving their growth targets.

We offer a simple online cost effective way to invest, accessible to anyone looking to raise capital or invest via our interactive, secure and regulated platform.

Company Values


We believe in transparent working relationships that are built on solid ethical practices to benefit our clients, employees and colleagues.


When people collaborate, great things can be achieved. We believe in the power of the crowd - working together in a cooperative, coordinated way to accomplish more than the sum of an individual's effort.


We strive to empower businesses, investors, business partners and employees to achieve their financial goals and dreams.


In today’s fast paced world, the only constant is change. We strive for continuous improvement through innovation.

You must consider the CSF offer document in its entirety and the prescribed Risk Warning before investing in a CSF offer.